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About Protect Your Transaction

Protect Your Transaction is a quality assurance program that provides you with peace of mind that your Lender will deliver on their commitments. All PYT Lenders provide the following promises:

  • Lender will pay $10,000 in the event it fails to deliver on its loan commitment
  • Lender will issue a loan commitment on or before the 15th day from the complete mortgage loan application
  • Lender will provide support and documentation to help you make the strongest offer possible on your new home

Why Protect Your Transaction was created

When buying a home there are two primary parties, the Buyer and the Seller. Both you (the Buyer) and the Seller make major commitments when you agree to buy a new home.

  • Buyers may sell their current home, give notice to their landlord, hire moving vans, research new schools...a lot is riding on making sure you get your new home.
  • Sellers agree to turn-down other offers, they may also be buyers of a new home that depends on the sale of your new home.

Basically, everyone wants to feel confident that the purchase of your new home will happen. When a Lender makes a commitment to finance your purchase, that commitment needs to be one that all parties can trust. What happens when your Lender does not deliver on their commitment? Buyers and Sellers are left to pick up the pieces and the Lender…they move on to the next transaction.

Protect Your Transaction was created to make sure your Lender has ‘skin in the game’ and committed to the purchase of your new home.

How a Protect Your Transaction Lender Benefits the Buyer

Protect Your Transaction benefits the Buyer because the Lender is committed and accountable for its commitments and performance. When your PYT Lender issues your PYT Loan Commitment, your Lender must deliver on that commitment or be responsible for its financial assurance of $10,000. That is a Lender loan commitment you can trust when scheduling moving vans and ordering utilities.

In today’s home buying market, most Sellers receive multiple offers on their home. The Seller of your new home is typically purchasing a new home as well and will accept the offer they believe is most likely to close. Presenting your purchase offer to a Seller with a PYT Loan Commitment will notify the Seller that your offer has already been approved by your Lender and that your Lender is backing that approval with $10,000.

In many instances a Buyer will assign part of the $10,000 Lender assurance to the Seller. Because Sellers have a lot riding on the sale of their home, this assignment may help the Seller feel more confident and accept your offer over competing offers.

The Protect Your Transaction Loan Process

Step 1:
Contact a PYT Lender

Step 2:
Complete the Application Process

Step 3:
When Approved, receive your PYT Approval Certificate

Step 4:
Find the home of your Dreams

Step 5:
Get the keys and start moving

How to Contact a PYT Lender

To find out more about PYT, please contact a PYT Lender in your area. Click here to have a PYT Lender contact you.