pyt for Sellers

The PYT Advantage When Selling Your Home

If you are thinking about selling your home and are considering utilizing the services of a professional Realtor®, you are making a wise decision in ensuring that your interests are professionally represented. Being represented by a real estate professional helps protect you from potential complications and actively marketing your home is a great start.

One of the biggest risks when selling your home is the Buyer’s ability to obtain a loan approval and the Lender’s performance. In a typical transaction, the Seller may be uncertain of these risks until the schedule closing date.

The Protect Your Transaction Loan Commitment helps Sellers reduce these risks by:

  1. Stating the Buyer has been issued a fully underwritten loan approval
  2. The Lender backing that loan approval with a $10,000 PYT Performance Assurance

By accepting an offer backed by a PYT loan commitment, you can feel confident your transaction will close and on time.

How to Use PYT on Your Transaction

If you are interested in the PYT program for your transaction, the first step is to discuss with your Listing Agent. All REALTORS® are eligible to work with Protect Your Transaction certified Lenders.

  • When Listing Your Home: At your request, your Listing Agent can add language to your listing that informs other Agents and Buyers of your preference of offers that include a PYT loan commitment. This simply means that your preference is to work with Lenders that fully underwrite and approve their borrowers and back that approval with a financial assurance of performance.
  • When Reviewing Offers: When reviewing offers on your home, one of your primary concerns is the ability of the Buyer to close the transaction. An offer that includes a PYT loan commitment documents that the Buyer has been fully underwritten and approved, and the Lender has backed that approval with a financial assurance of performance.
  • When Making an Offer: The PYT benefits you experience as a Seller can help you as a Buyer. When making an offer on a new home, you can present the strongest offer possible by including a PYT loan commitment. To have a PYT Certified Lender contact you, please visit our PTY for Buyers information.

The Protect Your Transaction Loan Process

Step 1:
Receive Offer with PYT Loan Commitment

Step 2:
Visit the PYT website to verify PYT Certificate

Step 3:
Receive Updated PYT Certificate after Appraisal

Step 4:
Transaction Closes

Step 5: